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The long wait is over. My J200 arrived Saturday, Worked with Stuart Niven from Sweetwater (who is fantastic) Not only gave me a real good price, but did a personal once over with one of their luthiers, and overnight-ed on their dime. btw for those who were in the is continuing discussion from my "contemplating J200" thank you for all your excellent input.


I wanted to post a quick review along with some of my homegrown photos here for the J200 crowd.


While I've played a lot of these, (at local GCs when they've had them, and a good friend of mine has had one for a while now).. It's different when you play one that you know you have don't to give back :)..


These are absolutely amazing guitars.


Clear, articulate with power voice, freakish resonance. Flat picked or finger picked, notes just ring out, no matter how hard you attack the strings, it does not over power the top.


Action is dead on factory specs, and despite being a bit higher than what I'm accustomed too, (not enough to be drastic mind you) it's effortless to play. Tuning stability is impressive, even when doing alternate tunings, the strings you don't need re-tune, hold their pitch. very solid! Intonation is superb, from what I can see, the nut was well regulated. Balance across all strings is immediately noticeable from the very first chord you strike, it's all there.


I did sit down and compared to my jumbo taylor GSA Series, which is also a pretty loud and articulate guitar. where as My 314ce could not hold a candle to this, that much I know, the GS held it's own to a good degree, but clearly the J200s are in a league of their own tone / voice wise. I totally get it now.


After a few hours of noddeling unplugged, I plugged it in. I didn't know what to expect from the Anthem, but to my delight it sounds amazing, with incredibly natural sounding projection. Tone wise, it destroys the Fishman transducers. The Fishmans ARE louder, by maybe about twice as much it seems, but not having to tweak out that annoying "QUACK", boys it's like tone droppings from heaven.



I'm also impressed with the Masterbuilt strings which I have never tried before, There's even a spare set with the case candy. I may just run with these, or try the J200 Masterbuilts.


And a nice Case toboot!!


I will eventually get around to putting a front strap button on there, but for now, I'm not doing anything other than playing it, I may add, with a huge grin on my mug.


A huge hug to great and wonderful Mrs Blast, knowing this is the bucket list guitar, convincing me to "do it now, while you can"...


and since rules are rules with photos,


Behold! the newest member of the Blast family.










Cool headstock photo.



Sick break angle!





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"Tone droppings from heaven"? 'Thought that was a byproduct of Hummingbirds.


The balance on the super jumbos is a beautiful thing, and the maple helps keep things clean at the higher intensities.


Now I remember, I believe Buc had brought some good info on string break on 2 & 4 ribbon bridges ages ago, and that photo of yours is absolutely taken to the limit (hold on, little saddle!).


Happy Trails

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Such a beautiful work of art.....you are a lucky man! Can't wait to hear how she sounds! What are your thoughts on the flubber guard? And what will you be adding for a strap button? I just got my bone button with abalone inlay in the mail for my Hummingbird vintage. Enjoy your new guitar!

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as they say across the pond..


cheers guys!



so, I have the crappiest web cam and mic on the planet, makes everything sound like pooh really..


it will do the guitar justice what so ever, although I doubt it would hurt my vocal abilities much at all! [unsure]


I'll work on something this weekend with a proper recording, and at least get that to sound cloud.


About the PG, I'd actually prefer no pick guard but, it will stay and hope it wont start to come off, cuz that will piss me off anyway!


I definitely have to sort out a strap button, I wish Gibson would just do this at the factory, This part, I don't get.

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BTW, how wide is the nut on it?


I'll check that MP..


and perhaps it's true, the tonal droppings from heaven may be more suspect from a Humingbird, but, move over, there's some here too! Boom!



The more I have hands on this, the more I get what have read from you guys since I joined the forum.

these are "holy crap, what took me so long" kind of amazing...


the tone projection is unlike anything I've felt before, it has to have a bit to do with that break angle,

the vibrations are insane... what a friggen GAS!


I'll get a recording of something to soundcloud as soon as possible. I'd do a video but my gear for that is junk..


btw. this anthem system is the friggen bomb. and all these years, I went with fishmans, who'd a thunk..



other than my les pauls, which they have to bury me with, - and now make some room for a jumbo - this is the best purchase I've ever made. I waited a long time, and ya know what, I should have jumped sooner,


game changers..



hey, is there anything better than the smell of Nitro in the evening???????


anything??? right, didn't think so.


Rock on bruthas..

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That is just beautiful KB!!! What a wonderful piece of work in all details. Love all the binding, mustache, and crowns too. Looks great with VS & gold appointments IMHO.


Glad for you. Now if the case was just a little more flashy than black fur!! Like a nice Orchid color. You dang have it ALL!!! [biggrin] [biggrin] Why would you ever want/need anything else?



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