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LP tones you most admire


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Most of the great/obvious guys have been mentioned (Kossoff, Haynes, Bloomfield...)


Not so well know is Ronnie "10/10" Younkins. He played some great Les Paul alongside some awsome Tele of Brian "Damage" Forsythe in KIX. Their early stuff, especially the first KIX album, is way under-rated. They pre-dated all of the glam, hair, punk sounding bands who went on to sell more records than them, and were much better musically than most.


Unlike most of the other metal/hair bands of the day, you can hear the actuall guitar tones on their albums. All the notes are very articulated and clear, unlike most of the gained/fuzzed out shred stuff of that time.

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who are you fav LP players for tone.. and have you been able to cop those tones? and how?


being pretty new to playing LP's (less than a week) i'm just using with my existing gear. i did find last night i got a pretty decent Beano tone with my LP w/ '57 Classics -> Blues Pro -> PRRI. i was going by memory of course so it may have been really off... but it sounded pretty good to me.


i also like Joe Bonamassa' date=' Peter Greene, 70's Kiss / Ace [/quote']



i give my left bo**ock to have gary moore's tone, the tone he got from that 59 (greeny) LP was heart breakingly

beutiful :- , i still cant believe he sold it :-k


watch this...

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Atlhough I will echo the names / preferences of many, I'm proud to add a name in the list ](*,)/ (look No. 6):


1. Gary Moore - Still got the blues

2. Slash - Appetite for destruction

3. Zakk Wylde - No more tears

4. Billy Gibbons - Afterburner

5. John Sykes - all his Whitesnake era

6. Billy Duffy - Ceremony, Electric, Sonic Temple

7. Jimmy Page - all of the Zep stuff, from the 2nd album onwards

8. Peter Green - The Bluesbreakers album



Most of these players (wrong - all of them!) used Marshalls as well. So, you will have to get yourself one, but wait! No! there are some great pedals these days that can transform your DRRI:

MI Audio is the correct way to go, but if you liked the Blues Pro you will fall head over heals with the Crunch Box! Also I have heard (lliterally...!) some great Marshally sounds from the Hellbender and Gary Moore recorded Still got the blues with a Marshall Guv'nor... This is the closest I have come dude!

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I am floored no one mentioned Sean Costello!!! He is my favorite Les Paul Flavor! I was able to get his sound with a 2007 R6, and a Princeton Reverb! I can get it with my twin and a clean Boost pedal, but the wife and kids start screaming! :-)


I love most of what has been posted, but blew my mind no one beat me to it!


RIP Sean!

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