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Red 333's Happy XMas (War is Over)

Red 333

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For the seventh year in a row I've made a musical greeting to celebrate the holidays. What started as a simple performance video for this forum with me sitting on the living room couch has grown to become an all-purpose message for my Facebook friends, and the production has swelled as a result. Can't have any Facebook friends' interest flag from lack of visuals. And even though this one's a full-fledged multi-track recording with multiple instruments real and MIDI, it's still designed with your interests in mind, and features my J-45 Legend, which is a wonderous beast.  And an Epiphone James Bay "1966" Century, which is just a fantastic guitar for the price.

The flu got me, so I was a little short on time to polish it up, but I offer it humbly warts and all. This year's song is Happy Xmas (War is Over) by John Lennon. Written after two years of peace activism and at the height of the protests against the war in Vietnam, its optimistic message that we can bring peace, love, and understanding to our families, communities, and world was perfect in that time and in ours, as well. You might notice certain shots in the video pay homage to another famous work from the the same year, the immortal "Hilltop" Coke commercial (conceived by Mad Men's Don Draper--that's what I saw on TV), which is another memorable work inspiring all of us to seek and achieve harmony. I know I turned the Goofy up a notch on this one, even over last year's space adventure, so I hope it doesn't overpower the beautiful message that a better world can be ours, if you want it.

Happy Holidays, all! I hope there are picks and strings under the tree for all of you.


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Nice one, Red! Thanks for that, and a Merry Christmas to you (and you, and you, and you,  and you...) and yours.

Lots of nice touches there, including the Hofner and J-160 homages to the boys from Liverpool. Loved the MIDI as well.

And of course, the J-45 is … legendary.

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To paraphrase Bobouz:  you have outdone yourselves this time. And as you've said, you've turned up the goofy on this one. . . but like the best/worst Christmas sweater, it was all in good fun and cheer.

D_Dan mentioned the production- what a great asset for a music person. . . just maybe, some of those on the forum might be more likely to share some Gibson sounds if they only had access to skills such as that.

Thanks for going through the effort (flu, eh?) - Merry Christmas, and Happy Holidays to you, and all forumites.

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