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Is Paul McCartney dead???


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I personally think it's a load of BS, but apparently there is a new DVD coming out that has convincing proof that in fact he is dead and died in a plane crash in 1966 and they used a double to fill his shoes so that there wouldn't be mass suicides all over the place. They claim to have tapes with George Harrison's last words before he passed away with him stating that Mr McCartney did actually die in 1966.


Believe it or not!

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Ridiculous. I saw Michael Jackson backstage at an Elvis concert in Ecuador last week and he said they were all gonna do another record together soon. #-o


Hey, what's wrong with the word ridiculous???

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He resembled Helen Thomas the other night from what I saw when he went on his little tirade.


He's dead as far as I'm concerned.


He should have just shut the Fck up and sang.


What a bitter little old man.

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One of the clues, so THEY say was on Sgt. Pepper. Pauls sleeve on his blue uniform had a patch sewn onto the left sleeve. Conspiracy seekers say it says "O.P.D."...meaning officially pronouned dead.


no no no...


Anyone from Ontario knows thats an "O.P.P." crest, meaning Ontario Provincial Police. The crest had been given

to John in 1966 after a Beatles concert in Toronto by a fan working for the OPP at the time.


Heres the picture from Pepper...




Closer look...




Heres what an OPP patch looks like in detail...




This ones busted conspiracy fans!

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