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your first GIBSON?

S t e v e

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following on from searcy's thread, first GIBSON?


mine was a LP standard 98" (back in 1998) in honeyburst, my mum gave me most of the cash (£1000) and i put the rest myself (£400)...i went up to sohosoundhouse in london's "tin pan ally" and saw this beauty hanging on the wall, the rest as they say is history...










p.s i no longer have it :(

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Bought a 65 MM in 74. Modded in 77. Still got it, still plays and sounds great.


Originally cardinal red with a single pup and trem -



Mod job -



Real cool. I never really liked the melody makers before now. Love the mods.

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1998, while in high school, I saved up and purchased my first Gibson, "The Paul II." 6 months later, a kid screwing around on stage knocked it over and broke the headstock. His family gave me a check for it and I turned it over to them.

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