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A fool and his money are soon parted

Tim Plains

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Cheers guys.


...Do you have a particular favourite among that bunch of beauties?

The R8, 3rd from left, is my favourite but it's not my best guitar. It just seems to be the one I play most.


...but I dont get it what do you mean about the tittle ?

It's an idiom for people who aren't careful with their money.

Eracer gets it. Must be a Canadian thing. [biggrin]

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We know you have MORE guitars than that R9


Where's the rest of them?

That's it Gibson wise. Trying to stay on topic here. lol


If you could only keep one SG and one LP, which'd they be?

Thankfully, I don't have to choose and plan on buying a several more LPs and (at least) another SG. [biggrin]

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Cheers again.




Nice collection you have there. You need to get a R4 or a R6 for a change of pace. [thumbup]


Question I have for you, I am looking into getting a LP Custom. Which one do you like better the LPB7 or the '68 reissue and why?

Tom, I had an R6 and sold it. Great sounding guitar but I'm a humbuckers guy.


R7BB or '68RI? I don't know, it's really a toss up. Other than the maple/no maple top and pots/caps, they're the same guitar. Both of mine are 2010s and both have the same neck profile. R7s can be lighter since there's no maple and '68s probably tend to be the heaviest reissues Gibson makes. My R7 is 8.7 lbs, the '68 is 9.4. The dealer who sold me the '68 said it's the lightest he's had in years. My R7 has that typical warmer all mahogany tone but I've played several others that were bright sounding.

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