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Weve had lots of Electrics.. Now show us your acoustic baby


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So ive seen lots of electrics posted.. But most of us id imgine have acoustics too.. shows us yours...


Ive had this same one since 1992, its a Tanglewood Odyssey and its my first and only acoustic (semi).. as you can see its a round back with a bound fingerboard and body, all I ever did to it was have the bridge lowered a bit to make it play easier and its been perfect ever since.. Its been around the world with me and as much as I love my electics this guitar means the world to me... And still after twenty years of play and use its just as good as when i bought it, all the electrics work and it still sounds great... I know its nothing special (as such), but has always done me proud :)



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I have 8 acoustics (5 classicals, a gypsy jazzer and a steel string)


These are my main three though


Tony (1991 Tony Johnson concert guitar)




Jean Luc (2011 hand made Manouche guitar by Roy Eneas)




and a small one of Rik :) (2001 Rik Middleton concert guitar)



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A pair of early 1930's KayKraft guitars with adjustable bolt on necks.



Wow, those are sweet, you dont see many like that around.. I had a Kay as one of my first electrics.. After I got a LP I gave it to a friend who wanted to learn.. I sure wish I handt now, ive never seen a guitar like it again.. oh well :)

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1328466812[/url]' post='1114465']

Quite a few here I've never seen before! WOW!


Nice stuff!




In contrast here's one you've seen plenty of times recently...lol!


1940's Antoine Di Mauro 'Special Chorus' Manouche, 'Djangly'.




I forgot to mention when you posted it; but the picture of Django being buried with his guitar has haunted me in a strange way. It is so sad :(

I hope I get to play your guitar one day Pupster

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