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Hangin' Out with George Benson


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OK..... I'm still digesting last night, and really don't know what to write about it....but I just spent the last four hours hangin' out with George Benson, and I had to tell somebody.


There's a lot of backstory, and this didn't happen by total accident, but let's just say that all the planets came into perfect alignment.


With plenty of whiskey and vodka flowing, and a captive audience of about ten of us, George was on a roll. Talking about growing up in Pittsburgh, his early days and homemade guitars, the recording sessions of "Breezin'" and "Weekend In LA", and moving to New York for a job offer that wasn't really there when he arrived.


I also found out first hand that he does a great Nat "King" Cole impersonation, AND... you ought to hear his Elvis.


WOW, for any jazz guitarist, and probably many guitar players of any genre, this was a dream come true. Sitting around a table at the feet of the MASTER. You see and read interviews, and hear stories, from/about your "idols" (yes, I will use the word "idol" for George), and wish you were a fly on the wall....... Well I just was!!!!!!!!!!!


Long Live George!

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Wow Larry, you struck gold. He seems to be a very down to earth, and extremely nice guy from the interviews and videos I've seen of him off stage.



I'm envious reading this. George is looked upon generally as a singer, but he's really a guitarist that has a good voice. He's a fantastic player. Any pics?


really?? I can't quite understand that, he's known around here (US) as a guitarist first, and an amazing one at that..

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... George is looked upon generally as a singer, but he's really a guitarist that has a good voice... Any pics?


That's the dichotomy of George and his career. Is he a singing guitar player, or a guitar playing singer? It seems his entry into the business WAS as a singer, and he knuckled down on advancing his guitar playing after being inspired, and encouraged, by a renowned guitarist of the 50's, whose name I didn't know (and don't remember).


As for pics, this wasn't really a photo-op type of encounter, nor am I one for the pose with the star kind of thing, but my wife snap a couple of George early in the evening. I was also working in an official capacity at the time, and had to conduct myself as such, as George was our "guest".

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