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Where are you from? (historically speaking, that is.)


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Just out of curiosity, wondering if where you guys are from originally and if you have any cool background history.


My lineage is all over the place - Dutch, Danish, British, Irish, Scottish, German, Austrian, French, Czech and Polish, just to name a few. I'm a 7th-generation Canadian down two lines (both my grandfathers' great-grandfathers were born here) buy my grandma was born in France and my other grandmother was daughter to two Americans, one an immigrant from Austria and the other a fisherman enlisted in the Navy.


My last name, Going, was originally Dutch (van Going). It was traced back to a family who in the 1750's owned (and had owned for several centuries) a successful shipping company running goods from England to mainland Europe. Their youngest son, John Going, was a bit of a hooligan, and since he was "embarrassing" the family, his parents gave him a pile of money and told him to go to Canada and not to come back. He settled here eventually, but travelled the world first and ended up impregnating (that's "knocked up" for all you uncivilized folk) a woman in New Zealand. (The 250th anniversary Captain John Going reunion is actually being held in Queenstown this Easter.) Anyway, once in Canada he started a ranch in Southern Alberta and lived here till his death.


Some interesting family facts of mine...


My great-great grandfather (that'd be the grandson of John Going) was a renowned musician and guest conducted the Boston Philharmonic several times.


I have relatives in Austria (through my grandmother's side) who are also renowned musicians and play regularly throughout Europe.


My great-grandfather (still on the Going side) built the first gravel road from the town of Waterton to Mountainview. (Alberta, that is.)


My great uncle on my mother's side built the first paved road from Waterton to Mountainview.


I have four relatives who fought in WWII and all of them survived unscathed.


I think that's about it for now...


Thanks for reading some of my bantering... I hope it wasn't too boring. +:-@ Feel free to share.



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Just a tid bit...


James Montgomery Flagg (June 18, 1877 – May 27, 1960) was an American artist and illustrator. He worked in media ranging from fine art painting to cartooning, but is best remembered for his posters.


Flagg was born in Pelham Manor, New York. He was enthusiastic about drawing from a young age, and had illustrations accepted by national magazines by the age of 12 years. By 14 he was a contributing artist for Life Magazine, and the following year was on the staff of Judge Magazine. From 1894 through 1898 he attended the Art Students League of New York, studied fine art in London and Paris in his early 20s, then returned to the United States, where he produced illustrations for books, magazine covers, political and humorous cartoons, advertising, and spot drawings prolifically. At his peak, Flagg was reported to have been the highest paid magazine illustrator in America[citation needed].


His most famous poster was created in 1917 to encourage recruitment in the United States Army during World War I. It showed Uncle Sam pointing at the viewer (inspired by a British recruitment poster showing Lord Kitchener in a similar pose) with the caption "I Want YOU for U. S. Army". Over 4 million copies of the poster were printed during World War I, and it was revived for World War II. Flagg used his own face for that of Uncle Sam (adding age and the white goatee), he said later simply to avoid the trouble of arranging for a model.


In 1946 Flagg published his autobiography, Roses and Buckshot.


James Montgomery Flagg died in New York City and was interred at Woodlawn Cemetery.

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My last name is Hungarien. Both my grand parents on my dads side were from there. I'm told on my Grandfathers side was Hungarien Gypsy. On my mothers side I'm a half breed Cherokee and Irish. Kind of funny when I was a kid I thought that Cher was making fun of me singin Gypsy's tramps and thives, Then Half Breed. Strange what a kid will think.

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My father is a full blooded Choctaw. He grew up in Oklahoma, served in the U.S. Army Air Corps/U.S.Air Force as a bombardier/Navigator on B-36 bombers from 1947-1954. He was the first of his family to graduate from college in 1958 (Oklahoma A&M which later became Oklahoma State University).


The Choctaw are a Native American people originally from the Southeastern United States (Mississippi, Alabama, and Louisiana). In the 19th century, Choctaws were known as one of the "Five Civilized Tribes" because they had integrated numerous cultural and technological practices of their European American colonial neighbors. Although smaller Choctaw groups are located in Alabama, Louisiana and Texas, the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma and the Mississippi Band of Choctaw Indians are the two primary Choctaw associations.


During the American Revolution most Choctaws supported the thirteen colonies' bid for independence from the British Crown. The Choctaws and the United States had agreed to nine treaties. The last three treaties (Treaty of Doak's Stand, Washington City, and Dancing Rabbit) were designed to uproot most Choctaws west of the Mississippi River. U.S. President Andrew Jackson made the Choctaw exiles a model of Indian removal as the first to march the Trail of Tears. The Choctaws were exiled (to the area now called Oklahoma) because the U.S. desired to expand, desired to "save" them from extinction, and wanted to acquire their natural resources.


In 1831 when the Treaty of Dancing Rabbit Creek was ratified, Choctaws who chose to stay in the newly formed state of Mississippi were the first major non-European ethnic group to become U.S. citizens. The Choctaw also sought to be represented in the Congress of the United States. They are also remembered for their generosity in providing humanitarian relief during the Great Irish Famine (1845–1849), twenty years prior to the founding of the Red Cross. During the American Civil War the Choctaw in both Oklahoma and Mississippi mostly sided with the Confederate States of America. After the Civil War the Mississippi Choctaws fell into obscurity and the Choctaws in Oklahoma struggled to maintain a nation. In World War I, they served in the U.S. Army as codetalkers using the Choctaw language as a natural code. After World War II Choctaws attracted and developed business industries such as wire harnessing. Today they operate business ventures (both in Mississippi and Oklahoma) in Gaming, Electronics, and Hospitality industries, and they continue to practice their language and cultural traditions.


My mom's father's family came to America from County Cork Ireland and settled in Oklahoma during the Land Run of 1889. My mother's mother's family immigrated to Missouri from Germany just prior to the American Civil War in 1856. My mom's great grandfather fought for the union during the civil war and survived to become a banker in Missouri. His children and grandchildren eventually settled in Minnesota, Missouri, Oklahoma, Manitoba and Saskatchewan. My mom grew up in Winnipeg and Oklahoma.


My Mom and Dad moved to Texas in 1958 where my brother and I were born.

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Well ill start off with my mom. My grandmas parents moved from italy to argentina then my mom moved to america in 1970s. My dad had a long histroy in grecce, athens but i also have a little family from russia. So im like 4 things pretty much. Also one place u have to vist once is grecce if u get the right connections u can have the time of ur life.

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Mother: half spanish half german. Father, I have heard his family came (a long time ago) from northern europe... first to panama where my great great grandad married a woman of spanish origin... then they moved here.


So I might be half bear, half wolf, half a$$hole and half smartass... (yeah thats right 4 halves).



My name is (as my father's) Otton (variations: Oton, Othon, Odon, Od, Otto, Otis and some others):


(quote)This interesting family name is of early medieval English origin, from the Middle English given name "Ode".


The personal name itself has a complicated derivation, since it is in effect a result of the coalescence of various given names of different origins. These are the Olde English pre 7th Century and the Old Norse "Oda, Odda", and the Old German "Odo, Otto". The Olde English and Old Norse names derive from short forms of various compound names with the first element, either the Olde English "ord" or Old Norse "odd", both meaning "point of a weapon". The Old German form is also from the first element of a compound name; "od", prosperity, riches. All of these names were Latinized as "Odo", and as such the personal name is recorded in the Domesday Book of 1086, and also as "Ode" and "Otto". The modern surname Oades, Oats, Oates and Otis are patronymic forms of the surname from this source.




Oh, I'm from Ecuador. How weird is that?

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So I might be half bear' date=' half wolf, half a$$hole and half smartass... (yeah thats right 4 halves).[/quote']


Thundergod...so the "half" that's stating that is the "smartass" half? :-



As far as what parts I'm composed of are: Irish, Welsh, Austrian and Hungarian...at least the parts I know...heaven only knows what else is lurking around in the closet.

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I was born of a jackal. At the age of 4 I willed my nanny to hang herself at my birthday party. I've always had this strange birth mark under my hair line '666'. I have a strange attraction to the smell of sulfur. Churches, Temples, and all places of worship give me a nasty rash.


I'm a Virgo and I still think digital watches were a good idea.


It's got a good beat, but you can't dance to it.

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I was born and brought up in Boston... My mother was 1st generation American. On her side, my Grandmother, Babci in Polish, came from Vilno which is actually Lithuania but she was Polish. My Grandfather, Dziada in Russian, was from Rovno in the Ukrain which was part of Russia. My mother served in WWII in the W.A.C.s (Womans Army Corp.) where she met my father while serving KP duty... She was serving the food and my father came by in the line asked her where she got her tan from? Good line huh... He was a Captain in the army at the time.


On my fathers side I have a mix of 4 bloods, English, Irish, Scotish and German. My Dad was second generation American and he was from New Jursey. When my mother and father married they settle in Boston where my mother's family was and we always did family things with her side of the family. I am of many European bloods but have always considered my self more Polish because all the family events took place at my Grandmothers house...


My Dad was artistic and road a Harley so I guess I take after him... Just wish I got to know him better before he died. he was a military guy ( retired Lieutenant Coronel in the Army) short hair, shined shoes type of guy and I was growing up in the late 60s early 70s a hippy wannabe. Turbulant times... He died in 1974 two weeks before I graduated High School.

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father's side;

grandfather born in Brezno, Slovakia (then Czechoslovakia)

grandmother born in Terrassa, Spain

mother's side;

grandfather born in Stuttgart, Germany

grandmother born in Llandysul, Wales


both my parents are 1st gen americans, all my grandparents are immigrants

and i'm a mutt

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I was born in Monterrey, Mexico. I lived there until I was 27, packed my things and moved to Nashville 12 years ago.


My original familiy ancesters moved from northern Spain, Leon/Rioja 400 years ago and were amongst the first settlers of what is now the third largest city in Mexico.


My great grand father was from Germany of unknown last name, he and his brother came to New Orleans but their ship was boarded by pirates and everyone was killed except the 2 kids. The ship drifted to Mexican shores where the kids were adopted by my familiy of the time.


The actual records I can find on my family tree go back to 1865 but there is not a lot of info as to who came from where.


During the French invasion (Cinco de Mayo) a platoon of French soldiers is said to have deserted and stayed in the area. They all changed their last name to avoid persecution. So I may be part French.


By the way I look and the unusual accent I have nobody ever guesses correctly where I am from...

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Grandparents all born in Italy


Parents born in USA (NY and NJ)


I went to a party with my father and came home with my mother


Nine months later I was born in New York City


I moved to the Fort Lauderdale Florida area when I was 10 years old


I now live in Fort Pierce Florida, but travel a lot.



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I'm a direct descendant of Charles Carroll, who signed the Declaration of Independance.


The wife is a descendant of Jacques (Timmothy) Demonbreun, the first settler in Nashville. Cool story... his first wife was taken by Indians... so eventually, he gives up, and takes a Choctaw Indian squaw as his common law wife. However... wife #1 shows back up about 10 years later..... so he ends up with a "city wife" and a "country wife" [-X

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