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What the latest song you've been playing on your guitar?

Mr. Gibson

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Greensleeves - I forget it every year and have to re-learn it! [cursing]


Here's what it sounded like the first year I learned it...




Pretty good surfpup, thanks for sharing, always wanted to hear some of you guys play. I have that problem with the 30 some songs I learned in 3 years now, if I don't play them all the time I forget and have to relearn.

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Runaway -Del Shannon

Sound of Silence-SnG

Your Song-Elton John


Those were on my list about 6 months ago.


Currently it's Disney Girls (Beach Boys/Bruce Johnson) and Bluebird (Buffalo Springfield) along with whatever catches my ear from my iPod if that's playing in the office. The iPod has most of my CD's on it so there are something like 9800 songs played in shuffle mode.

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Sitting on the dock of the bay

Poor little fool



That's on my list to learn, it's on guitar trick guitar lessons. I've been stuck lately on "Pipeline." This new Jaguar sounds so awesome hooked to my Vox amp I play it over and over lol. I just love the sound of the double pick slide down the 6th E string. Lot of reverb and chorus with a little mod/delay. Almost the same sound the Ventures had.

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been playing mostly originals here lately. at the end of feb i'm recording in a world famous studio. i need to get my sh*t together so i can be less annoying to the guy manning the board.


but don't be impressed, cause i'm paying for it, (albeit a greatly reduced fee through a mutual friend) and the music is not for distribution.

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... I found out quickly that 9-47 strings DO NOT work well on an acoustic for unamplified playing with other instruments! I need to get some 11s or 12s so I can produce some volume.

Try these (I've used them forever, not endorsing GC, just the strings):


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"Wildwood Flower" by the Carter Family, with the intro as recorded on the Will the Circle Be Unbroken album featuring the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band with many many bluegrass greats. I think I'll bust it out at the next bluegrass jam, provided I can get one of the female players to sing it. Not really a song that a guy can pull off...

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