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My wife bought me a Les Paul Standard recently (I think its a 2017 but could be a 2018), very pleased with it!


My last LP Standard was a 1990 & had EMGs, I never really warmed to it and ended up selling it.


Here's the new one with its two siblings :)



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The box looks very cool too!


Thanks jd, my wife made this recently, she's a Sweetheart & I'm a very lucky guy [love]




Ha! That was fuc*king funny!


That Standard is sweet!. Looks like a AAAA top!


Nice trio there. I agree with Bill, the top looks very nice, but we need a better picture of it!


Thanks guys! Just checked the serial number, looks like it's a 2006.

Here's a couple of pix of the top, does it look like a AAAA top to you?





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Oh my!!! That is one sexy Lester! That has to one of the nicest flames on a Standard I have ever seen.


Now, what is the story behind the box? How can I get one?


Thanks Bill, its a great playing axe too :)

My wife is very good with thinking up special things to make & do, this box is a good example, the images on it are sealed under 9 coats of varnish with a final coat of marine varnish, so very resistant to wear & tear.












By any chance does she happen to have a sister?

Nice guitars, too.


Thanks for the the compliments, everyone!

Steve, she has three sisters, but I got the best one O:)



That's an unusual 137 Classic, with a Varitone.


Yes, I've always wondered what the back-story is, an ES137 Classic - but with the Varitone usually only seen on the Custom model.

Special order?

How would I find out more about how that came to be?




BTW, this was also a (birthday) present from my lovely wife!

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Johnny3j, your guitars are absolutely beautiful, and I like your pics you have shared with us all. Thanks!


Thank you Chris, as a kid these were the kind of guitars I lusted after.

Recently, the shop where I bought my first guitar, a 1965 Fender Mustang, closed after 87 years in business



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