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Gibson Memphis ES-335 Dot Plaintop my dream guitar! Got it like over 500 off they say for a scratch near the pickguard, i cant even find it, if its there this just speaks the quality of Sweetwater to give such a discount. Thank you sweetwater and thank you Gibson, 36 months interest Free woot woot! Im so happy im nearly in tears. i never thought i could afford this but Sweetwater made it easy. After tryin many Gibsons i feel this model is meant for me, i might even name her lol. Apologies for the poor camera quality.




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I really like those models, close to being my favorite! It's a beauty.


One thing, on a couple I tested and one I purchased from GC. I had intonation problems with the nut not being cut properly. Check that intonation. You probably got a sweetheart and will not have that problem.




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