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Woo Hoo! Great Grandparents!


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Our granddaughter Melissa gave birth to a healthy little girl named Piper an hour or so ago!


I always thought that we were "great" grandparents but this is official and we really are and it takes our family to a new level.


We are so excited!


Liss had a caesarian section and so we will wait 'till Saturday to go and see them.


Another generation of little diggers kicks off!

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Congratulations Digger, I think that calls for a beer!







I actually haven't had a drink for 14 months!


Last night I poured myself a Glenfiddich to toast the baby and after a sip tipped it down the sink. Bloody paint stripper!

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Congratulations, Digger...how's it feel getting promoted to the next level?


We have 15 grands (ages 2-22) and it's just a matter of time before we get that news, I'm sure...





You've outdone me well & truly!!


Promoted? Chuckle....all I see is we are the next generation to shuffle off this mortal coil, though hopefully not for a while yet.I don't enjoy babies much until they are about 4 or can take themselves to the toilet on their own, then I'm all in! Then I become the "Tickle Monster"!!

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So I suppose I'd better do the obligatory photo post?


No good pics but the first one is my beloved with Pyper, and yeah they messed with the spelling but as both parents are a bit alternative, I guess it could have been worse.


Gael however is babies second name in honour of my beloved wife.





Then there is Mum, Melissa with baby.


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