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On 10/3/2019 at 9:17 PM, MissouriPicker said:

I don't know that Gibson is better than Martin, or if Martin is better than Gibson.  All I can do is buy/play the guitars I like.  To my old eyes, several years back Martin guitars all started looking kind of plain and vanilla and all-alike......and they were being given names like gpcx1ae, dx2ae, 0x2mae, and other code names I don't have the patience or interest to learn.  I still look for the old D28 and other real Martin dreads.   Yeah, they can look kind of plain, but they're monsters....... Anyway, I prefer Gibsons.  I think they help me play as well as I can.  I find them very comfortable to play.  I find more of "me" in them.  They're kind of like an extension of who I am.   I might still get another Martin some day, but it will have to be one of their real guitars, like a D28 or maybe one of the Johnny Cash D35s.  In the long run, I'm a Gibson guy.


I am the same way -- D28, D18, D35, J45, J50, Hummingbird ... the tried and true models that have been with me my whole life.

Now -- to the question at hand -- Gibsons, Guilds and Martins all play well over here. It changes daily -- I swear. There are times I pick up my 1966 D18 and swear I will sell all the others. Likewise with my 2013 Hummingbird True Vintage -- and my J45 and my Guild D40.... If they weren't great, I would wouldn't own them. And I do sell off guitars that no longer speak to me. But I think I'm done with that. I shed about 1/3 of my collection last year because I needed money for the tax man (It was nasty.) But now, I'm happy with this crew. Very!

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