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Got a Hummingbird Original in the antique natural finish today from Sweetwater:


Had the rosewood/spruce combination covered so thought I'd see how I liked mahogany.  It is great.  Fit and finish seem flawless, I can't find anything wrong.  Love the short scale and the neck profile, very comfortable for someone who has played Gibsons for many years.  Guitar is very resonant, with good sustain and volume (not as loud as my Collings, but close), excellent string definition and balance of low, mid, and highs.  It has LR Baggs VCT system which is not quite as flexible as the Anthem that was in a J200 I had for awhile, but it provides an accurate reproduction of the acoustic tones.

I've only had it about 3 hours but can't hardly put it down.  Believe it's a keeper 😁

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Simply stunning! Love the natural finish on yours too! Beautiful run out free top also! I also just bought a new Hummingbird just two months ago, a heritage cherry model. Gibson is really shining a bright light on an absolutely iconic guitar! Enjoy it, I can't put mine down either! And here it is!


HB cherry red.JPG

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I'm sure it sounds as good as it looks.  They are distinctive. NOTHING else sounds close.  And nothing else sounds as good.  CONGRATS !  

Those tulip tuners,  engraved torque cover and blonde face -    Many feel the  H'Bird is the most beautiful acoustic made.  This one is even better  !

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Hail for the new Bird - pleased to hear it sounds, feels and looks right. Give it some time to find itself and develop a top-tan, then you'll be on your way forever.  

ALD232 - glad you still enjoy yours too. They are hypnotic guitars and to have one around is a soothing factor in life. 



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Congrats on the new Hummingbird- the natural finish on yours really lets that nice spruce top show through, and lets the colors of Hartford Snyder's pickguard design show through as well. Of course, we'd always love to hear a clip of one of the best strummer guitars out there.🙂

17 hours ago, Dave F said:

. . . I've always felt that the Hummingbird was made for tulip tuners.

. . . complements the color of the top, too. Also- a UV lamp, or leaving it in a sunny non-summer  window could be used to move things in that direction. 

Or, you could just-

11 hours ago, E-minor7 said:

Give it some time to find itself and develop a top-tan, then you'll be on your way forever.  

Just thinking how some day your new baby 'bird will look like the faded blonde in Juan Carlos' Keef post: https://forum.gibson.com/topic/159691-keef’s-blonde-bird-still-makes-music/

Enjoy your ngd weekend 



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There's something special and pure about the natural Hummingbird, unlike her tarty, attention seeking burst' sister.

Will look amazing in 10-15 years when that top darkens and a few decent dings get into that wood.

Glad you got her with the Tulip tuners, for me its Tulips or nothing on a Hummingbird, like the J-200.

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The Tulips !
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