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New Year's Resolutions


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Mine are easy;


* Improve my diet just a bit, and lose ten pounds


* Play guitar more, and get some recording done


* Steadily get rid of old clothes, ancient text books, and miscellaneous junk that is currently occupying valuable space in a variety of closets, boxes, and storage tubs in my house and garage.


Happy New Year!!


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Not "New Years" but lately I've made a deliberate attempt to get off my soap box, erase any trail of my political and/or social rants, turn off the news (even local news), and clean up my facebook.


And step away from the workbench. Not that stepping away is much of a challenge...I rarely do any repairs anymore, for myself or anyone else. But I've found a better use of my time is actually playing them.


So I guess we can add "suck at guitar less" to the list.

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Does anyone still make them?


I do but try and keep them realistic.

I resolve to buy another motorcycle and buy another guitar.

Also be nice to the wife and dog but those are kind of secondary resolutions.


Motorcycles and guitars.....doesn't get much better than that.


I'm giving up resolutions this year [biggrin]

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1) Try to hold to my "buy one guitar a year rule" (not likely to keep this one!)


2) Practice with more emphasis on advancing my knowledge of the fretboard and theory instead of just jamming.


3) Workout more.


4) Save more money or simply spend less of it!! (Ha, assuming I find a cure for my GAS!!)

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hard to share some, but I will..


our daughter with 3 kids in a not great place. not horrible, but she needs some changes. Resolution one is to help her get herself on a better path. it seems that she needs some help doing so...


Already resolved to dump guitars I don't play, started that about 5 weeks go. mostly get these case/closet queens to ppl who will use them, the money is secondary..

I've sold two guitars, one amp, and 2 more on eBay right now. just a bit of culling, nothing more to it.


I'd like to also get better with the pro tools setup and recording stuff. I was on work break at Christmas/new years and I did definitely pay mind to that.


the last one is drop 10 lbs. an easy goal and really all I need to do to get back to my fighting weight. I figure easier to drop 10 than it is 20.. at 60, the metabolism doesn't quite cooperate.


happy new year all!

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New Year's Resolutions, hmmmm, Have not made one in years and at my age I really do not care to make any resolutions.Just put both feet firmly on the floor and walk ahead into the day, stay above ground, is that a resolution? Well if not I appreciate each and every day that I get to spend time with family and friends.And that I can still half assed play my guitars, they bring me great solace and help me to forget about some of my ailments.

Happy New Year to you all, may it be a great year for you all.

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I generally don't or never have made resolutions. Awhile back at 64, the doctor told me I was boarderline diabetic, think that was the first of October and they said I needed to loose 10 pounds. Also had high cholesterol so I went on this Mediterranean diet eating portions of meat, vegetables and fruit 3 times a day limiting carbs to 60 grams per meal. Then worked out and lots of walking as well as treadmill. I lost 30 pounds in a little over a month. Wasn't going to lose that much, it just came off so I went back in and all my numbers were fine! So, I don't need to work on that as I've maintained my new weight for a couple of months. The wife has bought me all new clothes and can't believe my waist has shrunk this much. Really have all the guitars I need so I might go back and work on doing Oil paintings again. msp_thumbup.gif And I'd like to learn more songs to play on the guitar.

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I told my wife that my new years resolution was:


"This year my resolution is to help the homeless... <pause> ...guitars find a new home."


Hers was, "To build a new addition onto the house to house said guitars."


It's nice to have her on board!


Our actual resolution is to pay off all her credit cards. We paid off all my past debt this last year and working on hers this year.

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