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Fulltone OCD...


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Are you going AC' date=' or should I send a 9 volt? [/quote']


I plugged in on the battery and messed with it a little.




I may have a conversion in my future....


Running my Les Paul thru my Hot Rod DeVille, I plugged it into the signal path.


Talk about BOOST!!!

That amp was all but jumping up and down on its own!


So, I switched channels on the amp to clean it up and was rewarded with a great tone starting with Drive, Volume and Tone in the mid position.


I'll readily admit the OCD's boost in signal into a clean Fender amp sounds way better than the 'Drive' channel on the amp ever did. Lotsa flexibility to be had for sure.


I had Led Zep going on the stereo, so I got my double neck out to remind myself of how poorly I play...

The dynamic capability the OCD offers is amazing.

Strumming along with Houses Of The Holy and all the 12 string stuff Page did on there was cool as hell.

Rain Song, Song Remains The Same, etc...

Switch to the other neck and roll the volume up, The Ocean was kicking some serious ***!!!


I dug out my Dunlop Brick DC power supply after it was time to stop making noise, and wired it to power my Boss TU-2 tuner and the OCD so I don't have to feed it batteries, I think I'm gonna drill a hole on it somewhere to put a power switch on the battery lead like I did my ABY switches.

I hate pedals that are powered anytime they're plugged in because all my stuff stays plugged in 24/7.


Lots more discovery as I have time.




Oh, and thanks for the birthday wishes guys!

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