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Ah Charlie....very very nice....I can see how someone (me) could get hypnotized just looking at your guitars! [love]

And Sparq is going to have to look at this thread.....(sigh) [omg]




[biggrin] Thanks, jdgm! All but 2 I've had well over 30 years, and 2 of those, are over 50 years old (the J-160E is a 1954,

and the Strat is a '64 "L" series). The "newest ones" (Classic LP, and Epi Sheraton AIUSA, are both over 15 years old). So,

no "new" Sunburst guitars, in my collection. Yet, anyway. [razz]


You have a nice looking "burst" as well. [thumbup]



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I don't have a single one at the moment, for whatever reason. The Fender Sienna Burst is my favorite, with Gibson Honeyburst a close second. Past bursts have included an "Epiphone By Gibson" era Sheraton II, a Gibson ES-339, a Sienna Burst Strat, a 3 Tone Sunburst Strat, a Honeyburst Gibson LP, and a Translucent Amber Burst Epi LP.

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