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70s Dual Showman MV Reverb in a 2x12" combo, early 80s red-knob Super 60 1 X12" Celestion, early 70s Vibro Champ with an 8" Jensen - must buy a Weber at proper ohmage.

1x12" Fender cab covered in grey furry,  great extension cab for the Super 60 which is my default gig amp.

1967 Tele, 1983 MIJ Sytem III Contemporary Strat. 



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10 hours ago, kidblast said:

...  well I have a Mustang III too,, but ,,, probably not "THE SAME" Right?!  



Not quite the same but they can be super handy. 

Mustang III v1


'69 Silver face Super Reverb Amp (with "blackfaced" circuit) and MIM Jazz Bass. 


351 Premium Celluloid picks and aftermarket amp cover for the Super Reverb. 


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On 7/15/2020 at 12:03 PM, badbluesplayer said:

'74 Bassman 1x15 combo, '78 Champ, '72 Princeton Reverb, Deluxe reproduction, Pro Junior converted to 6V6's, '74 Deluxe Reverb, Reverb Unit in rear -



NICE!!  That is quite the collection  😃

All I have is a lowly ‘68 Bassman Bassman head.   


I have lots of Fender Strats though. 😉 

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I have a simple bit of Fender kit that comes with a nice story.

I went into Wungo Guitars on Denmark Street and said, "I'm looking for a strap."

Delighted, the assistant said, "Great! Here's our range," and gestured to a fine line of Stratocasters.

I felt rather bad that he had misheard me and I only wanted a strap and not a Strat, so I thought the least I could do was to get a Fender strap.

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I just sold a Fender Princeton 112 Plus yesterday. 

Leaves me with just two Fender amps, one Vox, several Crate amps, two Marshalls, one home-build, and an old Tubeworks beast that was built in 1992. 

I might sell off a few more. 
Time to thin down the herd. 


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No, that's just his face.  He's the sweetest sweetheart Ichabod there ever was.  If his sister was alive, and I remain angry about it 5 years later goddammitImisshersobad, she would be laying right in the middle of the bunch because of course, the picture would be about her.


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On 21 July 2020 at 7:25 PM, sparquelito said:

I just sold a Fender Princeton 112 Plus


I have 2 of those - both early 90's USA built. Solid state and awesome - they amaze at rehearsals and have used for gigs in the past, sometimes together through a splitter box. Great things that punch way above their weight!

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A '95 Am. Std Jazz bass with Rio Grande Muy Grande J Bass pups with a Warmoth Birdseye Maple neck with black binding and black block inlays. I play it through a c-rappy Acoustic B100 Bass Amp. I've also owned about 4 Tele's and 4 Strats and an Am. Special Jazz Bass and it had a Warmoth neck, but was fretless, a Blues Jr, Hot Rod Dlx and a Deville amps. I think Geddy could get some killer sounds out of it.

I guess it's really half a Fender.


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