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Do you play a hollow body guitar?


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...how many of you actually play a hollow body guitar?

I have en Elitist Casino that I absolutely LOVE (see avatar). As a side note, our lead player in our mid '60's cover band used an ES175. Awesome guitar.

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I had a Gretsch G-6120 Nashville, but I got rid of it (wasn't playing it) for the Bigsby and poor upper fret access. I own an Ibanez Artcore AFJ91 which I like for what it is. My preference is for semi-hollows which own more of and play more often.


I like jazz guitar music played on a hollow body. As much as I love to listen to jazz, the instruments of choice for listening to jazz are the horns, and I don't really have a good jazz vocabulary on guitar. Plus, jazz can be played on any guitar.


Love that ES-175, Caliman. Hope to own one some day... maybe when I can do it justice.

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I had an Ibanez AF75. I sold it and regretted it ever since. I've got an Aria TA60 which is a great guitar. Better than Epiphone, but I've not played a Gibson 335.

If I could afford one, I'd have a Switchmaster


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