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Jinder is having some health issues.


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23 hours ago, BluesKing777 said:


Which guitar are you wanting to play first once you are better?

Take your mind off things, maybe!





Generally, the one I always reach for first is my maple AJ or Dove...I have a feeling it will be the latter with a Dunlop Tortex Yellow pick, and a good hour or so to ease myself back in with some flatpicking. I haven't played guitar in close to a month so am missing it a great deal!!

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Hi all,

            A quick update as requested by Nick in the Blues King thread...I've now been at home for two weeks, going back to the hospital daily for treatment as an outpatient. I'm on a strong dose of Ceftriaxone, a real knockout (in all senses of the word!) antibiotic which is working to kill off the endocarditis and brain abscesses. 

How success it has been remains to be seen...I have a follow-up MRI scan this coming Monday which will discern whether I'll need brain surgery or whether the antibiotic is doing enough to get rid of the abscesses. My eyesight is gradually improving which is a good sign, but I've also been dogged with persistent headaches, which isn't such a good sign...we'll see what transpires. 

At the end of the month I'll receive another trans oesophageal echocardiogram, which will discern whether I need heart surgery. Apparently this is less likely than the brain surgery, but again it's a "wait and see" job. 

Either way, I'm calm and accepting and resigned to whatever happens. Most days I feel lousy and I spend much of those days asleep, but some days are better...today was one of those days. I goofed around and laughed with the kids, danced (albeit very stiffly!) with Amy in the kitchen and caught up with some old friends. Days like today are a very welcome break in the clouds. 

Sadly I can't play guitar at all at the moment. I've tried, but a side effect of what ails me is that it causes significant deterioration in the connective tissue in joints, and my hands are absolutely ruined. All of my guitars are long scale and set up for 12s or 13s, and I can't get through a couple of mins of basic playing before my hands swell up and I'm in pain for the next day or two. I've tried capoing up and tuning down, fitting lighter strings and allsorts, but it's buzz city and still not much better for my hands. I've been keeping an eye out for a cheapie short scale guitar of some sort that might take a set of 10s or similar to see if that would help. I can't drive however, and walking is often very difficult, so getting out to collect such a thing might be a challenge!

Whatever happens, the playing will come back, as will the connective tissue and everything else. It's going to be a long slog, but as I've said from the start, if I can muster up a 1% improvement every day, that's only 100 days until I'm fully better and fully back! Here's hoping. 

More to the point, how are YOU all?

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Jinder - Great news!  You're going in the right direction at the right speed, and have the right attitude!    Let the guitar playing take a sabbatical: You'll come back stronger that way - and enjoy it more.   Your  1%  improvement a day goal is perfect.  Some days you'll  have + 3%, some days a negative 1% -   just focus on doing what's right each day (especially dancing in the kitchen!) and not the goal.  You know what that is already - so focus on getting there ... day by day.  And don't give the possibility of surgery a second thought.  Wait until you find out and deal with it then!   Glad the prayers are working !    Jim 

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Hey Jinder,  keep up the fight brother,  your outlook is an inspiration.  Prayers heading your way.   Buc is right, taking good health for granted is easy to do.

as for your question, doing fine thank God.  Almost completed the rebuild of our house from the fire that partially destroyed it at the end of March.  It's looking awesome.  We hope to be moving back home in a few weeks.  

Hang in there Bud, better days are coming.


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