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Big Bill

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Looks like you truly have the correct priorities... 

Nice SG Classic, you're going to love those P90's..


I like the reflection of the flag and your face in the pickguard, nice job...

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Thanks gents. I really dig this guitar, it's much more than I was expecting. I purposely left the headstock pics out because I wanted to give a nice opinion. This an Inspired by Gibson Epiphone. I bought brand new for a project guitar, put new electrics, pups, tuners... To my surprise, this thing is pretty sweet. This is without the nicest budget guitar I have ever played. The quality is such that I do not feel the need to upgrade anything on this, it would be stupid to. Pups scream when I want and clean and blue when not, hell they're even braided. The tuners are very good, stay in tune nicely. Only thing I had to do was set the relief on the neck.


They even put the wings on the headstock


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3 minutes ago, Twang Gang said:

Cool, this is the only first hand experience I've heard about with this new Epi line, and I'm glad it was a good one.

I'm sure there were a lot of folks that knew it was an Epi without seeing the headstock... It certainly isn't a Gibson, but it's the nicest Epi I ever played outside of their higher end arch tops. Like Gibson, they're putting a positive foot forward.

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