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A little diversion....what would you do?


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There's a good chance a similar post has been done before. IDK But anyway.. Let's play a little game to get our minds off the depressing events.

Overlooking any paradox or other obvious problems. If you could go back in time and either witness or interact, what time and place would it be?

I think it would be cool to go back and expose Mozart or Beethoven etc.  to 20th and 21st Century music and see their horrified reactions. 😎  

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Seeing how Stonehenge was built would be pretty cool but being a musician, I'd probably want to be in on the late 60's and early 70's music scene. That's the music I enjoy the most and having the opportunity to jam with those guys would be fun. I'd have to be able to take my lovely lady with me, of course. I wouldn't want to be in a life without her in it.

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Grandiose aspirations along these lines I have (sound like Yoda with the verb at the end).

Go back to the 1890's to Linz, Austria and find a way to steer Hitler in a different direction. Then I would still make sure my Mom and Dad met in France in 1945 so I would still be born later.

Appear along the border of Central Park with a baseball bat on December 8th, 1980 in time to stop Lennon's assassination.

Find who won the big Powerball a few years ago and buy the ticket myself.

You know, little selfish things like that.

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8 hours ago, saturn said:

Or settle the question of if he even existed.  :-k  default_eusa_whistle.gif

Well, there is no question for me, as  I'm quite sure he did, I feel bad for those who are not. 

Who a person believes he was is another matter, but after 2000 years, that he's still one of the most important to many and controversial humans to ever walk this earth, has to tell us something.

and this...  I know..

9 hours ago, brad1 said:

My first thought as well. 

What an experience that would be. 

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